Friday, August 5, 2011

Your Birthday

I love you,
You love me,
We're a happy family,
with a great big hug,
and a kiss from me to you,
Won't you say you love me TOO!

I love you,
You love me,
We're best friends like friends should be,
With a great big hug,
And a kiss from me to you,
Won't you say you love me too 

You always loved Barney!  Who wouldn't.  He's purple.  He loves everyone and he sings!  

It  seems like yesterday you were running around the house singing this song.  Happy (born that way:)).  Family stopped by round the clock just to see you.  Watch you.  Experience you.  You were as close to a perfect child as there ever had been.  Everyone made sure you were told that at least 100 times a day!  

When I look back at pictures of you I teeter between amazement and tears.  Amazement because you are and always have been incredible.  Tears because I miss you being little so much it makes me cry to even write it.

You were born "special".  Your beauty is as deep inside as it is outside.  No one comes in contact with you without being touched in some way.  You are as smart as smart can be.  Gifted is the word I believe was used for you growing up by the schools.  Kind, loving, funny, easy going, messy with your room!  Loved by your peers.  Loved by your family.  Loved so much by me.  Daddy's girl.  Your brother's conscience.  Given everything.  Expecting nothing.  Grateful for all.

Today I wish you all of the love and happiness that you have given away so freely over the years.  As I do every day of my life I dedicate you back to the God who made you so perfectly. So carefully.  And I thank Him for the gift of you.  Happy Birthday Elizabeth.  I love you.


  1. Sweet. She is just sweet. She radiates it. And just because I'm her aunt, I'm not prejudiced, I'm right. What a blessing she is, Marcie.
    Aunt Amy

  2. Marce, the way you feel and wrote about Libby is exactly the way I feel about you....I love you so..your mamma